5 actions to Help the Amazonia (and other Rainforests)

This crisis of the Amazon is the result not only of an unconscious and careless government, but also us as a society. Revolt is our way to demonstrate that things can be different, we all can do something to overcome our powerless feeling.

Based on our own commitment and actions mentioned in the video, we share you some ideas of how you can ACT: 

  1. Donate or support NGO's.

You might not have the time or the chance to volunteer for ONG´s like many of us, but you can become a fixed donor for them. Since 2017 Revolt supports Greenpeace france and La spa, but there are many other incredible projects doing great things too like Ecotree, a company specializing in sustainable development whose purpose is to innovatively reward ecological awareness by offering cost-effective investment solutions in tree planting; or Ecosia the search engine which use ad revenue from our searches to plant trees where they are needed the most.

      2. Consume less red meat, leather goods and other products which come from an intensive and destructive agriculture. 

A big percentage of the population eating far more less meat would have a greater impact than only few people becoming vegan. You can start with a #meatlessmonday and then moving towards a #meatless life.

      3. Buy certificated products and/or from responsible local producers. 

Switch to organic and eco-friendly products, not only the planet will be grateful but your body and health. We highly recommend you to verify that what you are buying is actually good, there are a lot of companies doing greenwashing. Try websites like or or apps like @I-boycott @goodonyou @lecampanier to know those brands that are proposing a truly responsible product. 

       4. Commit yourself long term. 

Don't way until there is a crisis to act or do something, our world needs permanent and proactive actors, so let's support the planet 24/7.

       5. Challenge others to be part of the change, become a real influencer. 

There are a lot of social, economic and ecological issues taking place right now, and even when we would love to act in all of them, we have to be aware that it's almost imposible to be 100% responsible. And here I quote a friend of mine who said "Be thankful for your neighbor's efforts, be proud of yours and keep encouraing your fellow worldmates to keep up the good work". 


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