Our Brands


Born in Guadalajara in 2012, Santego creates shirts full of color and identity with the highest quality standards.
Being the first brand on board when Revolt was launched, after three years working together, we are happy to be the official representatives of the brand in Europe. 


Lila Torrero and her two daughters founded the brand in 2009. The house's most emblematic products are the shell necklaces with natural pearl since they represent their place of origin: Mazatlán.

The inspiration of their designs was born in the search of highlighting the beauty of Mexican beaches. 


Bohetnika came about in 2016 with the dream of trading with local Mexican artisans and designers from small villages in the south of Mexico.

In 2019, they started working with collectives who work organic cotton and natural dyes, also creating a micro collection with eco-friendly linen from Lithuania and handcrafted in Mexico. Based in Berlin, Alex and Liz have the goal of spreading the word about fair trade, handmade items, and the way of life for an artisan!



Summer Romero a mexican-american fashion and hat designer and artist.

Graduated from The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2008, one year later she launched her brand and since then she creates collective pieces with other artists and indigenous artisans from diverse artistic practices, to enrich each other and manifest the collective consciousness through co-creation.


Melissa Herman dress
A storytelling brand built out of high ending womenswear capsule collections and bespoke haute couture and tailoring. 
In collaboration with her, we launched in 2020 our first collection 100% designed and made in France.